The Dance Bank Tap Class Perth Theatre Cinders 2009
The dance Bank Tap Class Perth Theatre Peter Pan 2011
Dunfermline Theatre Ballet class  Cinders 2009
The dance Bank Jazz Class Perth Theatre  Peter Pan 2011

Nursery Ballet and Tap

This age group is children who are in their pre-school year. If your child is 3 1/2 and not yet in their pre-school year then the tiny tots classes are more appropriate. In most cases there is an optional 15 minute tap class either at the beginning or end of the 45 minute ballet class. This tap session is really an introduction to tap and makes the class 1 hour long in total. This is not available at all classes but click the links below to see timings of Nursery Ballet classes.

It is Ballet based with music and movement, dance and drama, lots of imagination and fun.

If these timings are unsuitable we suggest a beginner attends the Tiny Tots Classes and then moves up to share in the Primary 1 Classes towards the end of the academic year April/May).

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31 July 2023

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